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Alveus Monarch: more than just a kitchen sink

Alveus kitchen sinks are popular among customers due to their durability, easy cleaning, and beautiful and modern design. Especially in the last category, the Alveus Monarch kitchen sinks stand out the most, which are true specialities in the Slovene and broader market.

Alveus Monarch: more than just a kitchen sink

They are made of the highest-quality stainless steel, which the Alveus specialists process
using a unique technology.
Such processing results in:

  • increased resistance to scratches and
  • unique metallic shine in gold, bronze, copper and anthracite shades.

Design your kichen with royal colours

At Alveus, we believe that every kitchen deserves a beautiful kitchen sink. By choosing the Monarch kitchen sink, you will also add a touch of glamour and sophisticated aesthetics.

Unique colours for unique kitchens

In modern kitchens, stainless steel is still prevailing among the chosen materials for kitchen sinks.

Copper kitchen sink!

People like its classical elegance, shine and easy maintenance. The basis for Alveus Monarch is the same stainless steel as for the Form, Pure, Quadrix, Kombino, Variant and Line

The difference arises in the last phase of production. In the vacuum chamber, the kitchen sink is treated in a special way to obtain a particular protective layer and metallic shine, available to customers in four noble shades: gold, copper, bronze and anthracite.

Different colours gold and copper kitchen sink

The metallic shine is the result of entirely smooth stainless steel that is hygienically faultless, easy for maintenance (wiping with a microfiber cloth) and additionally resistant to scratches thanks to a special coating from ceramic nitride.From an aesthetic point of view, such a kitchen sink is unique, giving the kitchen an elegant and glamorous look.

The possibility of colour combinations is another peculiarity of Alveus Monarch kitchen sinks, with which we can achieve a completely individualized and unique look.
Mix & Match enables a vast number of colour combinations. 

Monarch combination kitchen sink

The kitchen sink can be in one colour shade, but its drain and auxiliary overflow in another shade. In the case of two kitchen sinks, each can be in a different shade, supplementing each other in the opposite colour of the drains.

The Alveus Monarch kitchen sinks also include the prestigious Monarch kitchen taps, where you also can play with colours: choose the matching or contrasting ones. In any case, the result will be the most noticeable part of your unique kitchen.

Maching pipes for your kitchen sink

The secret is in the PVD technology

In English, PVD is an abbreviation for Physical Vapor Deposition, which means a method for producing solid metallic coatings - physical vaporization or ionic overlying.
This technology is essential for Alveus Monarch kitchen sinks mainly because, with the help of this method, we get a ceramic nitride layer (in four colour shades) which allows the steel to become even stronger and more resistant to scratches.

Gold beautiful kitchen sink

PVD technology is also used to strengthen and increase the strength of various types of products: some tools, surgical instruments, mechanical parts and the like.

PVD technology means that in a vacuum chamber, with the help of high temperature, we achieve vaporization - the transformation of the material into its vapour phase. Then it is joined into nitride through a reaction and use of reactive gases. Planning your kitchen sink

By controlling the gases and time, the aesthetic value of the coating - its colour or shade - is determined. When the reaction phase finishes, the steam condenses and creates a thin film coating on the processed kitchen sink.
Due to its unique properties, PVD coating is a popular method of strengthening and aesthetically enhancing various steel surfaces.
The Alveus Monarch kitchen sinks are unique, durable and prestigious precisely because of this technology.

How to match the unique colour of the kitchen sink with the entire kitchen?

Most of our customers are entirely impressed by the elegant appearance of the Alveus.

Gold alveus kitchen sinks

Monarch kitchen sinks, but they also get a little scared by their unique colour shades. We are so used to the silver classic of stainless steel kitchen sinks that we cannot imagine how a gold or copper kitchen sink would look in our kitchen.

Alveus specialists suggest Monarch kitchen sinks and kitchen taps in the kitchens with a monochromatic appearance – that is where one colour prevails.

Black kitchen with gold kitchen sink

In recent years, there has been a strongly noticeable increase of completely black kitchens that go excellent with gold and copper kitchen sinks.

These two shades also perfectly round off the kitchens in dark brown, deep green with a black counter or dark blue with a white marble countertop, which are popular abroad.

The bronze shade of the Monarch kitchen sink adds variety and reinvigorates the kitchen in grey shades. In contrast, the anthracite shade of the kitchen sink nicely supplements the lighter kitchens in white, cream, beige or coloured shades.

Mix and match kitchen sinks

If we are bold enough to Mix & Match combining colours, they will go best with a minimalist white kitchen on a white or dark marble countertop.

Beautiful and smart kitchen sink

Alveus Monarch kitchen sinks are not only an aesthetic excess of Slovenian kitchen sink design but are also among the most durable and practical in everyday use. 

Since the stainless steel is stronger and more resistant to scratches, you can put kitchenware in it without worry, wash it, and pour hot water into it during cooking.

Check out the entire range HERE and fall in love with the gorgeous design and metallic shine of these specialities among the kitchen sinks!

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