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Alveus kitchen mixer taps

Alveus kitchen mixer taps are technologically sophisticated and come in various shapes to complement traditional as well as trendy kitchens.
The numerous varieties with regard to installation, operation and surface finishes allow an abundance of combinations.

Materials and surface structure

Alveus Kitchen Taps are made of brass or stainless steel with surface finish:

  1. Polished chrome (CHR), Brushed Chrome (CHR-BR), Nickel matt (NIC BR), Stainless steel, satin finish (SAT)
  2. Ceramic nitride (PVD-treatment) in four shiny colours (Gold, Copper, Anthracite and Bronze) 
  3. Alveus colour range.

1. Silver classic

Polished chrome (CHR)
Brushed Chrome (CHR-BR)
Nickel matt (NIC BR)
Stainless steel, satin finish (SAT)

Finishes that give kitchen faucets a distinctive, and still the most common - silver look.

You can choose between a brighter polished chrome, a matte version of brushed chrome, or a satin kitchen faucet surface.

2. Monarch collection

Kitchen faucets can be coated with a layer Ceramic nitride (PVD-treatment) in different shiny colours.

A premium Monarch mixer tap collection is available in four shiny colour shades - GOLD, COPPER, ANTHRACITE, and BRONZE. 

Add an extra touch of elegance and luster into your kitchen with a hint of metal shine in combination with gold, classic inox, or composite kitchen sink.

3. Different colors

The surface of kitchen faucets can be treated in such a way that the faucets are painted in different colors.

You can combine the color of the mixer tap with a kitchen sink, with the kitchen cabinets, maybe with a cabinet knobs, or just go against all “rules” and make a kitchen mixer tap to stand out in its unique color.

You can choose from many earth tones, or opt for the always fashionable black or white faucet.

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