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3D models of Alveus kitchen sinks

Architects, carpenters, interior designers,

because we know how important satisfied customers are, we have created 3D models of Alveus sinks, which will make it easier for you to prepare a realistic visualization of your projects.

3D visualization of the interior will help your customer to more easily imagine a new kitchen that is in the making.

How to get 3D models of Alveus sinks?

In the Sales program, first, select the desired sink.

  1. Choose the Type of the sink (right / left).

  2. Slightly below in the description under "Technical documentation" you will find the corresponding 3D models.

  3. Click on the document and download it to your computer.

The most popular models of premium quality Alveus sinks

Do your customers want something more?
For the most demanding customers who do not compromise on functionality, quality and design, we at Alveus have developed premium lines of sinks and taps.

Here we have collected some sinks and kitchen faucets that are most often advised by interior designers in Slovenia and elsewhere in Europe. By clicking on the photos below, you can get to know the individual family of kitchen sinks in more detail, but of course, we are always available for additional help and information.

Architects and interior designers about Alveus kitchen sinks

''I really like Alveus products because they follow the trends in design very quickly. They always move the guidelines in the field of novelties, whether with a shape or color of the products.

In addition to good design they are also of high quality. Every client has been very satisfied with Alveus product so far. And after many years, their kitchen still looks like a new one thanks to your products.''

Tjaša Klemen, interior designer


''Alveus kitchen sinks of the PREMIUM line are characterized by their straight, clean lines without any groves we are used to at classical kitchen sinks. It is also necessary to emphasize the quality and precision of production which allows easy installation.''

Katarina Šauperl, interior designer

Collaboration with Alveus - help with promotion

VWe offer exposure to all interior designers we work with on our website and Alveus social networks, both in Slovenia and abroad.

An example is these two interviews with interior designers, within which their company and website are also presented, and the articles have had more than 1000 readings.

Interested in how to contact us, learn more about the benefits of partnership or Alveus products?

Contact us at info@alveus.si - we are happy to be at your disposal for any information.

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