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Alveus – coexisting with nature

Earth Day in this form is often celebrated throughout the whole week around April 22. Almost everyone may contribute his little pebble into the mosaic of a healthy and preserved planet Earth.

Alveus – coexisting with nature

Alveus is based in Loška dolina, in a particularly sensitive part of Slovenia.

In the immediate vicinity of our production facility, there is the world phenomenon, Križna jama cave, therefore responsible environmental management is of key importance.

World phenomenon Križna jama cave and unique Lake Cerknica

Križna jama cave is a world-famous karst water cave with underground lakes through which flows crystal clear water. In more than 9 kilometers of passages, we can admire stalactites, sinter barriers, and intact nature. Despite the enabled visits to the cave no interventions were made in the cave with electricity or paved paths. 

Author: Csaba Egri

During the boat ride on the lake, we also learn that the cave ranks fourth in the world in terms of the diversity of cave organisms as we may find up to 51 different species here.

Križna jama cave is a world phenomenon also due to the archeological site of the cave bear bones. Namely, in Križna jama cave the largest skull of the cave bear in the world was found; the bear weighed about 1500 kilograms.

Not far away we may find another natural sight of the region - Lake Cerknica, the largest intermittent lake in Slovenia. The huge lake is completely filled with water in spring and during the rainy season and its surroundings impresses with its diverse flora and fauna. The water of Lake Cerknica flows also into Križna jama cave.

Author: Csaba Egri

Alveus  - coexisting with nature

Alveus is located a few kilometers away from Križna jama cave.

To make this coexisting possible, we act extremely responsible towards our wonderful environment, at all levels: in development, in waste management and at low-energy consuming production. We return purified, flawless water to nature, our Alveus products are of high quality and have a long service life, some materials (Inox) are even 100 % recyclable. 

We deliver Alveus products to our customers in environmentally friendly packaging - Styropor being replaced by cardboard packaging

What makes it possible for us to coexist with the sensitive surrounding nature?

The  Alveus stainless steel products are 100 % recyclable and also have a very long service life (we replace it when we wish a change and not due to defects or wear) therefore from this point of view their production is a sustainable decision.

  • Our high concern for nature is evidenced also by our »green« certificates and permits: We were among the first companies in Slovenia that gained the environmental permit.

We are also proud of the certificate for responsible environmental management ISO 14001. Namely, we were the first company with more than 1.000 employees that received this certificate.

  • Our own water treatment plant enables us to return clean water to the environment.

The Alveus washing plant has a water purification system that returns purified, clean water from the production back to the environment and thus does not pollute or burden in any way our sensitive environment, especially the wonderful Križna jama cave which is located in the immediate vicinity of our factory or even passes with one of its parts almost under our feet.

  • Alveus reduces non-ecological packagingWe are aware that our customers should receive the products undamaged, but at the same time we also know how waste packaging burdens our environment, so therefore we committed to improve the packaging of the shipped products.

  • Low-energy consuming production, award-winning innovation: In addition to the wishes and needs of the customers, the Alveus development team also keeps in mind the continuous improvements and innovations in production, in order to make it as less energy-consuming as possible.
    Thus, we received the award for our innovation of a deep-drawn stainless kitchen sink with radius R40 without intermediate annealing (middle-segment kitchen sink made with the technology of lower-segment). You can read out more about the innovation and positive impact on the environment here.

Thus we constantly reduce the amount of non-ecological packaging and replace it with more environmentally friendly. Therefore, the non-ecological Styropor in our waste packaging has been almost completely replaced with more environmentally friendly cardboard that protects the kitchen sinks and kitchen taps in boxes during transport.

Cardboard that the customers throw away into containers for paper in the ecological islands is simply recycled and reused. Styropor or expanded polystyrene due to its size occupies a lot of space in the trash.  Besides, if not recycled properly, Styropor ends up in world waters. 

Because it is insoluble, it often becomes a »food« for the ocean animals which also means their death. But even at its correct recycling (incineration) a lot of dangerous gases are released into the air, so, therefore, cardboard packaging is a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Let every day be like April 22, Earth Day!

We celebrated Earth Day last month. Environmental protection was therefore mentioned even more often. Earth Day is celebrated annually in more than 192 countries with various events for raising awareness of environmental protection. 

Earth Day in this form is often celebrated throughout the whole week around April 22. Almost everyone may contribute his little pebble into the mosaic of a healthy and preserved planet Earth.

At Alveus we do our best to be on the right path with our commitment to environmentally friendly solutions. We respect nature and we appreciate the wonderful and at the same time-sensitive environment with the Križna jama cave at the forefront. 

We want to remain the leading  European provider of kitchen sinks and kitchen taps. At the same time, we uncompromisingly consider the environment in which we are only the guests and have learned to coexist with the environment so that we burden it as little as possible.


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